Grill pans are amazing- like a smoke-free BBQ on your stove! Start a pot of brown rice+follow one of East Van Kitchen’s grill pan recipes for a fresh, healthy, tasty summer dinner! Also try grilling tomatoes, green beans, eggplant (salt+dry the cut faces first!), plantains in the peel, par-boiled potatoes, squash, tofu, tuna, steak… so many fresh foods taste great grilled!
East Van Kitchen's Salmon Grill Pan Dinner, from our Grill Pan recipes!

Salmon with broccoli, green onions, red pepper + peach. Arrange these guys in your grill pan with everybody’s skin side down + the salmon in the centre. Cover + cook on medium heat almost to desired doneness; then flip, cover, + cook briefly on the other side.

East Van Kitchen's Vegan Grill Pan Dinner with Portobello Mushroom cap, from our Grill Pan Recipes!

Portobello mushroom caps, zucchini, green onions, red pepper + corn on the cob. EVK’s VEGAN grill pan recipe! Boil your corn for about 3 minutes- until it turns bright yellow! Remove + arrange in the pan with everybody else skin side down. Cover + cook on medium heat to about halfway, then flip, cover, + cook to desired doneness.

East Van Kitchen's Halibut Grill Pan Dinner, from our Grill Pan Recipes!

Halibut with asparagus, green onions, peppers + pineapple. Cook your halibut on the skin side only- the other side will fuse to the pan! Arrange your pan with the fish in the centre, cover, + cook on medium heat. Flip the fruits + veg at about the halfway point, cover, + cook until the fish flakes easily- this can happen pretty fast so check often until you’re in the grilled halibut swing of things!  

GRILL PAN MAINTENANCE TIP! Always be careful to avoid heat-shocking your cookware: pouring cold water into a hot pan or submerging a hot pan in cold water rapidly tightens the metal from its expanded, heated state. This rapid change can damage your grill pan’s beautiful interior + exterior finishes! 

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