About Us

This East Van Kitchen is in the home of Kim Mulder + Kennedy Telford. 

Kim Mulder is a high school English teacher. One fateful day while working as a production assistant on a film written by her favourite author, she met Kennedy. They have enjoyed an exciting and creative partnership ever since. With This East Van Kitchen, Kim hopes readers will be inspired to eat simply and locally, to become more confident in their tastes and abilities, and to throw more dinner parties!

Kennedy Telford makes art, objects + furniture. He met Kim in 2005 on the crew of ‘Everything’s Gone Green,’ and has been in love with her ever since. Also that year, he + friends Oscar Trainor, Claire Wood, Jonny Nonaka + Peter Andringa opened WRKS DVSN artist-run centre at 269 Powell. In December 2013 he + Kim released their self-published cookbook, ‘Two Librans Present: This East Van Kitchen, A Fresh Introduction To Cooking!’ which began in the fall of 2010 as a project to inspire Kennedy’s younger brothers to cook fresh, healthy, tasty meals for themselves when they left home.

Kim + Kennedy would like to acknowledge the brilliance + hard work of good friends Robyn Humphreys + Chris + Jasmine at RXVP, without whom the EVK book + website would not have been possible. They would also like to thank you for visiting eastvankitchen.com and hope that you always enjoy your meals! 

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Kim Mulder and Kennedy Telford are the authors of This East Van Kitchen: a Fresh Introduction to Cooking